Why Live Music?

Believe it or not, we have been asked this question, and here is our nutshell answer:

Live music is the customized soundtrack to your special day! TA DA! :-)

So we asked, If you watch a movie without a music soundtrack, what would it look like?

I love the look on their faces when a sweet little light goes on, and they say: "come to think of it, we've never seen a movie without a soundtrack." BINGO! :-)

While there are a few great classics with no movie scores that were created intentionally as eerie, void and empty silences for effect, your celebration is much more special & meaningful than an awkward silence.

Live music creates a unique, customized, original and beautiful soundtrack for your day. Especially when it comes to timing.

We know when to begin your song, and how to end it without a sudden, awkward drop that does not complete the moment. We can also stylize a special song to highlight any moment, especially a bride walking in, or a first dance, where the cut off for the song is a beautiful fade out, and not an abrupt stop, or a weird repetition that just loops on and on, and then dies out on an anti-climactic beat.


What We Do for Music?

We perform an incredible variety of live music for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, church matrimonies, wedding receptions, intimate garden celebrations, parties, birthdays, corporate events, life celebrations and more. We are based in Long Beach, CA, and have traveled as far as Italy, Mexico, France, Ireland, New Zealand and the likes, playing music for all events. Wether you are getting married, or simply having a party, we help make your celebration as exciting, or as subdued as you want it to be.

Being an experienced and accomplished guitarist, singer, songwriter and choir director, Lina Hayek will help you step by step to make sure you receive the utmost in quality for your live music needs. We take all your suggestions and help customize something that is just right and special for your needs. 

We also provide extra instrumentalists, vocalist, or even a band, if you would like more than just a solo artist. Our past clients say it best, and you can see it by clicking on the reviews tabs at the bottom of this page. "You will love working with Lina Hayek Music, as it is more than just professional entertainment. You always receive special personalization, exceptional customer service, and customized live music that you have a hand in helping build."


Where We Do Our Music?

We are blessed and fortunate to say... ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE! :-)

As a matter of fact, we have performed in many locations: including Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Camarillo, Temecula, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Denver, Pittsburgh, New York, Maui, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, France & Italy just to name a few. Covering indoor and outdoor venues, all types of locations, hotels, beachfront weddings, private venues, special wedding venues, traditional church's, quaint chapels, beautiful garden weddings, and many more!

Please make sure to contact us to setup your FREE design session with us and our team members. Wherever the moment takes us, even if your destination wedding is out of state or in another part of the world!

Having performed over 500 weddings, and more than 1500 special events, every celebration is unique and has it's own special customization. Please contact us anytime via email, text, phone call, whatever is convenient for you, and we would be more than happy and honored to customize your event for you. :-)



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